Cooperative Energy Futures
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Cooperative Energy Futures

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Cooperative Energy Futures uses the power of community to create economic opportunity through energy efficiency and community-based clean energy. We empower people to participate in simple climate and energy solutions that work for everyone.
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Cooperative Energy Futures (CEF) is a MN member-owned energy services cooperative that builds community wealth through energy efficiency and clean energy solutions that are accessible to everyone. As a cooperative, CEF follows the seven cooperative principles:
Open and Voluntary Membership: anyone who wants to join can become a member
Democratic Member Control: members run for and elect the Board and govern the co-op
Member Economic Participation: members own the business and its capital, and have a share of equity in it proportional to the amount of business they do with it
Autonomy and Independence: our relationships with partners must preserve member control
Education and Training: we empower our members with the information and tools to advance their energy interests and participate in the workings of the co-op
Cooperation Among Co-ops: we work with and support the development of other co-ops
Concern for Community: we focus our projects on broad community benefit

Since 2009, we have helped Twin Cities residents create affordable and community-controlled energy solutions by working cooperatively. We run do-it-yourself weatherization trainings, bulk purchasing of home efficiency products for our members, and group contracting for advanced home insulation and air sealing services. Since 2012, we have innovated residential solar bulk-buying, loan, and leasing models that reduce or eliminate upfront costs, provide immediate financial savings from month one, and enable more people to go solar. Since 2013, we have been exploring the community solar business model and preparing to launch our first cooperative solar gardens across Xcel Energy service territory in 2015.

Dedication to Community: 
CEF empowers community leadership and control, creates broad access for all communities, and engages residents not just as customers, but as member-owners of community-power energy. Thus, CEF focuses on serving communities, whether geographic, cultural, or faith communities, that wish to develop clean energy solutions, particularly Community Solar Gardens. Our primary goal is to empower communities as members of a shared clean energy enterprise, and design projects that help them achieve their goals and visions. CEF specifically supports communities that wish to develop Community Solar Gardens as a project developer and as a facilities manager.
Minnesota Solar Energy Industry Association (MnSEIA)
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Timothy DenHerder-Thomas
3500 Bloomington Ave. S. , Minneapolis, MN 55407
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