Peter Gibeau Solar
West Bend, WI

Peter Gibeau Solar

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West Bend, WI
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Peter and Deanna Gibeau contracted with Arch Electric in June of 2015 for a 7.13kW direct roof mount, behind the meter (non-grid-dependent) solar electric system with charge control and battery storage, with the goal of offsetting their purchased energy by 100%. Arch designed and installed a system that provides them with solar energy using battery back up, and Peter sent the following letter to Ed Zinthefer, President of Arch, after the installation was completed:

"Hi Ed,

We got the check from you and are very grateful. I feel the same way as you do about the whole project. I learned a lot and because there were detours and dead ends, I learned even more. And renewable energy is the way to get ourselves out of the fossil-fueled mess we've made for ourselves. And the IRS rebate was extended for 5 years, which is Fantastic.

The new batteries are working great! They hold a charge and are easily getting us from one day to another. It will be interesting to see how long the charge lasts after a week or two of drizzle or flurries, but the trajectory looks good. I've been spending Way too much time looking at the OpticsRe and it's a pretty picture. Russel has everything set for Off Grid instead of Grid Tied, which I also like.

If the battery manufacturer can rejuvenate the batteries and make them useful down the road, that will be excellent.

You and your whole team have been so helpful and it's been great getting to know everybody. For a time we were thinking about getting an extra cot ready for Russel because he was spending so much time here. And Dennis, Ruben, Chris, Tyler and finally Steven (Stephen?) were just fun to have around. And of course Jen was friendly and right on the ball when it came to the paperwork.

If you would Ever like a reference from me or want to use pictures of my installation (roof and/or basement) for your brochures/publicity/website, I'm happy to oblige. You can also release my phone # (262) 335-0119 and/or email address if any potential customers have questions and/or are thinking about having solar installed. I believe in the future of Solar and you and your company represent the best of that future.

I'm looking for that Porsche hood ornaments.


PS If you have an extra Arch Electric T-shirt or sweatshirt, I will wear it proudly."

Peter is currently sporting a bright orange Arch Sweatshirt during the cooler days!! His reference to the hood ornament is that, instead of going out and buying a car during mid life, he opted for his dream of behind the meter solar energy.

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