Gary Halvorsen - Milwaukee East Side
Milwaukee, WI

Gary Halvorsen - Milwaukee East Side

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Milwaukee, WI
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Gary and Bonnie Halvorsen participated in the 2015 Milwaukee East Side Group Buy. Their system was one of over 25 included the 84kW Group Buy. They are very vocal and supportive of the solar energy opportunity, and were featured in a press release promoted by the City of Milwaukee Office of Sustainability, and the Midwest Renewable Energy Association. The following is an interview they did for the MREA Newsletter:

Q. How was the experience working with Arch Electric, an MREA Business Member?

A. They were great. Extremely professional, knowledgeable, and fun. Their schedule was backed up with the current
high demand, but when they finally got here, the installation went quickly and they answered all of our questions.
They cleaned up the site and even dusted off our new solar panels for us. They were fantastic.

Q. What do you love most about your solar system and the ability to produce renewable energy?

A. That it’s clean and quiet and lowers our electric bill...and that it comes from something as elemental as the sun! No
greenhouse gases are discharged in the making of some of our energy! Plus, people can see our solar panels from
the street, so we think it definitely adds "hip" factor to our 115-year-old house.

Q. Do you have any advice you’d like to give to others who are considering installing solar?

A. You can wait, but why? The prices may be a bit lower in the future, but in the meantime you are not making any
renewable energy or lowering your monthly bill. The time is now and the more people that install solar, the bigger
the voice we will have in future energy policy decisions.

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