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By Dan Thiede    February 3rd, 2016
The federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and Production Tax Credit (PTC) were recently extended. Set to expire at the end of 2016, both will now continue to support clean energy in Minnesota for several years. We interviewed Mike Rothman, Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Commerce, to learn more about the importance of these tax credits to Minnesota and what the extension means for the industries in our state. As Commissioner, Rothman oversees the Department’s broad jurisdiction of more than 20 regulated industries. Rothman’s top priorities include consumer protection, a clean... Continue reading
By Anna Carlson    February 3rd, 2016
What is REEGP?   The Renewable Energy Equipment Grant program (REEGP), provides Minnesota Weather Assistance Program (WAP) providers grant funding to install renewable energy equipment in low-income households. The statute that appropriates these funds specifically calls for the installation of renewable energy equipment in households; however, historically, the state provided funds to help make heating systems more efficient (the first program retrofitted oil burning furnaces). In keeping with the original intent, REEGP was designed to provide supplemental heat through the... Continue reading
By Frank Jossi    January 15th, 2016
This article was originally published in Midwest Energy News by Frank Jossi. Less than a week after a Minnesota co-op announced it had sold out shares of its formerly struggling solar garden, solar developer Sunshare announced it has sold out its first project in Waverly, a town 35 miles west of Minneapolis. The Sunshare Waverly project has five co-located solar gardens, each of which has a capacity of one megawatt (MW). Under Minnesota state law, solar gardens are limited to 1 MW each, and regulators last year imposed a limit of five co-located gardens – per developer – at any one site... Continue reading
By Natalie Brown    January 8th, 2016
The organization Minnesota Brownfields is hosting a session to explore the opportunities and challenges associated with developing solar energy on brownfield sites, much like the project that was completed in Hutchinson last month. This session, intended for solar developers and redevelopment professionals, will explore: Solar energy trends in Minnesota and what it means for brownfields Legal considerations specific to developing solar energy on infill sites Incentives, policies, and programs available for brownfields and solar energy development Speakers will also share... Continue reading
By Dept. of Commerce    January 6th, 2016
The Minnesota Legislature established the Made in Minnesota (MiM) Solar Incentive Program in 2013 to help our state meet its solar electricity standard and to catalyze the solar industry. MiM is a solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal incentive program for consumers who install PV and solar thermal systems using solar modules and collectors certified as manufactured in Minnesota. The program is administered by the Department of Commerce with an annual budget of up to $15 million for 10 years, including $250,000 per year for solar thermal rebates. Solar PV projects must be located in... Continue reading
By Bill Mittlefehldt    January 6th, 2016
The mission of Iron Range Partnership for Sustainability (IRPS) is to stimulate conversation and action for a sustainable future on the Iron Range of northeastern Minnesota. In keeping with their mission, the Iron Range Partnership for Sustainability is pleased to announce it’s new Community Sustainability Initiative. This Community Sustainability Initiative (CSI) is an opportunity for you and your groups, families or students to take action in your home, school, church, businesses or church on encouraging sustainable practices and working to make the future more sustainable. If... Continue reading

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