Ventera Wind, Inc.
5511 Waseca Industrial Road, Duluth, MN 55807

Ventera Wind, Inc.

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To provide the highest quality 10kW American Made Wind Generator available.
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We believe that the Ventera 10kW Wind Turbine is the highest quality, lowest cost, lowest maintenance wind generator available. The Ventera 10kW Turbine is made in Duluth, MN USA, and is the culmination of 30 years of continuous design experience in the wind industry. All the excess weight has been designed out the the 10kW turbine while maintaining superior durability. Our lighter weight turbine increase durability and longevity by reducing tower loads, maintenance and material cost.

Our centrifugally activated pitching automatically limits blade rpm in wind of 29 mph and higher, and continues producing power without a brake or furling system. Our patented technology of the blade pitching system and airfoil blade design avoids the need of stalling or furling at higher wind speed. This means more power at higher wind speeds than comparable models in this size class.

We have gone to great lengths to produce a low maintenance machine. Our turbine only requires maintenance inspection every 5 years or 125,000 kWh, whichever comes first.

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We are located in Duluth, MN with corporate offices in Ohio.
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LS Woods
5511 Waseca Industrial Road, Duluth, MN 55807
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