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SOLAR FX is dedicated to the empowerment of the business owner and homeowner to decrease their cost of day to day operation by the installation and use of solar powered, energy saving equipment. We offer a full line of products designed to save energy and lower your cost of living by harnessing the energy of the sun and the wind! We also allow you, as owner of your home or business, to recover your investment at 100%, while enjoy continued savings thereafter.
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SOLAR FX is a subsidiary of LASCO Construction Services, Incorporated. LASCO has been in business since June, 1998, with a strong background in design and construction. We are a fully hands-on, turnkey construction business with work ranging from installation of a new storm door to designing and building new custom homes. Our strong work ethic, attention to detail and efforts for complete customer satisfaction has taken us from humble beginnings in a home garage to an office and shop in Ames.

SOLAR FX developed a life of its own as clients of LASCO Inc began to ask about energy conservation methods that could be incorporated into new and existing homes. As we began to investigate options to save energy we also discovered the opportunity for photovoltaic and solar thermal arrays as well as small wind options to produce energy. The more we investigated and realized the solutions available and the viability of PV, SHW and small wind as alternatives to today’s common energy demand, we chose to make a portion of LASCO Inc become devoted to this type of mentality in commercial and residential applications. In the March of 2008 we created SOLAR FX as an energy conservation and alternative energy business.

SOLAR FX has made various photovoltaic installations all over Iowa. One installation that is on public domain is a 7.05 kWDC photovoltaic array for in Lamoni, Iowa. This array is viewable on a public portal provided by Sunny Portal. The output is monitored by sending one ping to the modem every 15 minutes with information tabulated and published on a public website. The output of the array is viewable at By going to this website you can see the power produced from the date of commissioning until this present hour. This installation was made in-house by our installers and wired by our on-staff Master A electrician.

SOLAR FX has become a full service renewable energy and energy conservation specialist offering expertise on a variety of methods and systems. When we begin the process of creating a full proposal for a PV array, we begin by making a site visit to interview the prospective client. This is followed up by documenting the building, the area, the utility provider’s feed, the breaker panel, doing a complete takeoff of the building including roof penetrations, dimensions and exposure followed by a complete recording of the site with photography.

Following a conversation with the utility provider, we contact the local city and county authorities. In these conversations we ask for local ordinances and/or covenants, we ask for zoning information that may be impacted by a PV array and we ask if there are similar installations in the area. Contact information is always recorded for future use and all conversations are noted in the prospective client’s private file.

Once all information is assembled we forward all information to our engineer team. Along with collected data we include an aerial bird’s eye view of the building site, roof pitch, roof material and condition and exposure and elevations of the building. Our PV engineer generates a layout including type and brand of materials, calculated output of the array based on sun hours per day, southern exposure off true south, angle of the roof and all particulars that would impact output of the array. This information is directed to the project manager who calculates offset, payback, environmental benefits, savings summary, consumption and production charts, cash flow charts, cash flow tax effects charts, depreciation details and basis and tax rates.

SOLAR FX makes all proposals in person. All materials, freight and labor are included to provide for a concise and clean proposal that is all-inclusive in easy to read and understand language. Once the owner agrees to the proposal we ask them to sign the purchase agreement, a contract and an installation agreement. A deposit is taken, the order is placed for materials which are delivered to the job site. While we await the arrival of the materials, SOLAR FX will apply for all permits, the grid tie agreement, we make certain the owner has insurance that will cover the PV array installation on their property, we contact the utility provider to request a bi-directional meter on behalf of the owner, we help apply for all programs and grants that are available and we help apply for zero interest loans that are available through the Iowa Energy Center.

Installation of the PV array is made exclusively by the SOLAR FX staff of highly skilled installers with strong backgrounds in roofing, construction and metal work. All are exceptionally well trained, good with their hand and cautious. They know to take care of the owner’s property, the roof and materials they are installing. Final grid tie installation is made by our on-staff Master A electrician. The entire installation meets all IBC and NEC codes as well as all local and state codes, laws and regulations. All equipment that is tied into the PV array and/or electrical system is UL approved for safety and consistency. Triple safeguards are put into place to protect the owner, the utility provider and the linesmen that may work on the supply line at any time.

Once the array and all connections have been inspected by local authorities, state electrical inspector and the owner, the system is commissioned and energized. This new system is monitored and thoroughly checked again upon commissioning for a period of at least one hour and again the following day. All connections and hardware are thoroughly inspected to be certain there are no weak points of risk. Upon final inspection by utility provider, state electrical inspector, city or county officials and the owner the system is deemed complete and operational.

SOLAR FX continues to monitor the system and stays in contact the new owner for several days to be certain the system meets or exceeds their expectations.

Licenses and certifications

Contractor Registration for the State of Iowa Registration Number CXXXX47
Iowa Workforce Development
LASCO Construction Services, Inc DNA SOLAR FX DBA L&M Electrical Contractors
2206 229th Pl, Suite A, Ames, Iowa

State of Iowa Retail Slates Tax Permit Retail Sales Tax Permit 1-XX-XXXXX5
State of Iowa Department of Revenue
LASCO Construction Services, Inc

Electrical Contractor’s License EL-XXXX-EC
Iowa Electrical Examining Board
L&M Electrical Contractors

Master A Electrician EL-XXX-MA
Michael A Miller
Ames, Iowa 50010-4835

OSHA 10 hour course
Michael A Miller
Ames, Iowa 50010-4835

NABCEP Certification In the process of attaining national certification
Michael A Miller
Ames, Iowa 50010-4835

Dedication to Community: 
SOLAR FX is committed to working in the Central Iowa area first, the state of Iowa and the Midwest. SOLAR FX works very hard to educate business owners and homeowners in the field of energy conservation and renewable energy. We regularly hold open houses, we take part in local energy fairs and the Iowa State Fair and we work with local city governments to help establish zoning ordinances that allow and encourage energy conservation methods.
Professional: NABCEP PV Installation Professional
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Gary D. Lass
2206 229th Pl, Ames, IA 50014
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