Minnesota Community Solar
4002 Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55406

Minnesota Community Solar

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Minnesota Community Solar is Minnesota’s first developer of community solar gardens (CSGs) in Xcel territory. MNCS is committed to clean energy generation and local economic development. We use Minnesota products, labor, and financing whenever possible. We believe that doing good is good for business.
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Minnesota Community Solar (MNCS) offers a new, simpler way for more electric customers to gain access to solar power. We build large solar arrays in locations ideal for generating solar power. Our customers subscribe to the electricity produced at those arrays. The value of that electricity appears as a credit each month on our subscribers’ electric bills. Our subscribers can cover all of their monthly electric bills with clean, solar energy generated locally.

Without community solar, only 20% of people with an electric bill are able to access solar energy. For everyone else, barriers like lack of property ownership, legal restrictions, cost, or the way their house is situated stand in the way. Community solar subscriptions are available to anyone who pays an electric bill.

Minnesota Community Solar helped create and define the community solar industry in Minnesota –from the beginning. Our founders and staff played pivotal roles in passing the 2013 Clean Energy and Jobs Act, which added community solar gardens to Minnesota’s energy mix and mandated Xcel Energy buy our subscribers’ electricity. As the community solar market began to take shape in Minnesota, MNCS was first to market in creating the frameworks that make community solar gardens work for utilities, regulators, and electric customers.

Minnesota Community Solar has been a leader in the public education efforts that are critical to the success of community solar. Through our decades of connections in the advocacy and renewable energy communities, we’ve carved out unique, contractual relationships with non-profits, communities of faith, and businesses that share our commitment to carbon-free energy. Our Community and Promotional Partners have created a groundswell of interest among electric customers who’ve been searching for clean energy solutions.

Minnesota Community Solar is here to help our subscribers and partners realize their dreams of generating clean, local solar energy. This is solar for everyone.

Community Commitments: 
Community Leader - Fresh Energy Consumer-Friendly Community Solar Pledge
Good Neighbor - Fresh Energy Consumer-Friendly Community Solar Pledge
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MNCS partners with communities of faith, non-profits organizations, businesses, and municipalities who reach out to their members to attract subscribers to our shared community solar gardens. Among our community partners are a diverse group of faith based groups, businesses, community organizations and schools. All of whom desire to help their members or customers save money, while saving the environment. We make it easy to do both through our fully integrated platform.
Professional: NABCEP PV Installation Professional
Minnesota Renewable Energy Society (MRES)
Minnesota Solar Energy Industry Association (MnSEIA)
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Minnesota Community Solar
4002 Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55406
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