Martin Companies LLC
26386 Highview Avenue, Farmington, MN 55024

Martin Companies LLC

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Develop and maintain renewable wind & solar resources
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Wind Energy: A wind energy system transforms the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical or electrical energy that can be harnessed for practical use. Mechanical energy is most commonly used for pumping water in rural or remote locations- the "farm windmill" still seen in many rural areas of the U.S. is a mechanical wind pumper - but it can also be used for many other purposes (grinding grain, sawing, pushing a sailboat, etc.). Wind electric turbines generate electricity for homes and businesses and for sale to utilities.

Solar Energy: Very often there is confusion about the various methods used to harness the sun’s abundant and clean energy. Energy from the sun can be categorized in two ways: (1) in the form of heat (or thermal energy), and (2) in the form of light energy.

Business Overview: Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development. Advising new businesses on formation of corporations and business structures, drafting privacy policies and structuring commercial transactions. Generated new development deals for a real estate development company that focuses on single-family residential projects, including real-estate market analysis.

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We only serve Minnesota and place a great deal of importance on our local community.
American Solar Energy Society (ASES)
American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)
Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA)
Minnesota Renewable Energy Society (MRES)
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Eric Martin
26386 Highview Avenue, Farmington, MN 55024
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