Lake Region Electric Cooperative
1401 South Broadway, Pelican Rapids, MN 56572

Lake Region Electric Cooperative

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Provide our members with safe, reliable, affordable electricity, and lead by offering innovative energy services
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Our membership is a mix of residential; commercial and industrial; and seasonal homes. We average 4.6 members per mile in our 3,200 square mile service territory. We own and maintain 5,600 miles of line. Because we are a cooperative, margins (or profits) are allocated to members' capital credits accounts. Periodically, capital credits are returned to members based on the amount of electricity they purchased.

Now Lake Region Electric Cooperative (LREC) members have another opportunity to purchase clean, renewable community solar energy. LREC is proud to announce it will build a second community solar project in the spring of 2015.

LREC’s Community Solar II array will consist of 60 panels with a combined capacity of 24.6 KW DC or 18 KW AC. The array is expected to produce approximately 700,000 kWh of renewable solar energy over the next 20 years. Each panel has a nameplate capacity of 410 watts and will produce an average of 584 kWh’s of electricity each year.

Members who purchase the output of a panel(s) will have the kWh production credited to their bill each month at current retail value. As rates increase over time, so does the value of the solar credits. Based on typical weather and U.S. National Renewable Energy Lab estimates, monthly production may range from approximately 25 kWh in December to 70 kWh in July and average about 49 kWh per month. Members may purchase solar energy in increments of as little as one-half to as many as 10 panels. The maximum output you can purchase is limited by your average annual usage or 10 panels, whichever is less. Any renewable energy credits (REC’s) associated with the solar output belong to the purchaser.

LREC is responsible for operating, maintaining, and insuring the solar array. Once a panel is purchased, you will not be subject to additional charges, not even for panel replacement or maintenance. LREC members choosing not to purchase a panel will not see any change in their electric rate or billing resulting from the project. In fact, our community solar project eliminates the cost shifting that occurs from privately owned and net-metered installations.

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Leading, empowering, guiding members to use energy wisely to secure a better future for our families, our communities and our world.
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Lake Region Electric Cooperative
1401 South Broadway, Pelican Rapids, MN 56572
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