CR Planning, Inc.
2634 Vincent Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55411

CR Planning, Inc.

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Work with communities and stakeholders to sustainably use community resources, including natural resources, economic resources, and human resources.
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CR Planning principals have facilitated planning processes, program development, and creation and administration of regulations on behalf of county, township, city, and state governments in rural areas, metropolitan regions and neighborhoods. CR Planning also provides services to non-profit organizations, community groups, and to private businesses working to enhance sustainability.

CR Planning, Inc. provides consultant services in the following disciplines:
• Energy Planning and Policy
• Rural, Urban and Regional Land Use Planning
• Sustainable Development
• Natural Resources Planning
• Facilitation and Strategic Planning
• Research and Technical Analysis
• Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Firm Philosophy and Background
CR Planning, Inc. was formed as a corporation in 2003 by individuals committed to inclusive, stakeholder-driven processes. Tapping into a community’s primary resource, its people, CR Planning facilitates local and regional decisions about natural and built resources. The firm is committed to ensuring that community stakeholders make informed choices, thus promoting the sustainable management of local resources for economic development, protection of community character, and maintenance of natural systems. CR Planning advocates for planning goals that belong to the entire community. We believe the full range of community stakeholders should participate in all steps of the planning process, including:
• development of assumptions and criteria;
• refinement of alternatives;
• selection of preferred solutions; and
• implementation of the preferred solutions.

CR Planning principals have managed planning consulting firms and provided services to communities and organizations for 17 years. They bring extensive experience in facilitation and planning processes to meet clients’ needs, in addition to technical expertise and knowledge of how communities can tailor solutions to their unique problems and priorities. CR Planning helps communities transform individual stakeholder priorities into a coherent long-term vision that guides investment choices, shapes grey and green infrastructure, and directs development to meet community priorities. CR Planning also helps guide communities as they move from planning to implementation, from policies to reality, through our ordinance and program development projects.

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Brian Ross -
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Dedication to Community: 
Our projects use the philosophy that plans, programs, and regulation must reflect community priorities, and must take the long-term perspective for sustaining the community. Our project approach is informed by the following principles: 1. Ensure all interests are equitably represented and maximize opportunities for communication. 2. “Everything is infrastructure” – a systems approach to planning, programs, and regulation. 3. Solutions grow out of and reinforce community character.
Contact Info
Brian Ross
2634 Vincent Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55411
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