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CollectiveSun was founded in 2011 on the principle all nonprofits should have access to solar power. CollectiveSun is proud to be the only company in America that exclusively helps nonprofits get solar nationwide. CollectiveSun understands the financial challenges nonprofits face better than anyone else which is why our singular mission is to help nonprofits acquire and benefit from solar.
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Historically, nonprofits have had two main challenges that prevented their ability to finance solar projects. First, nonprofits are excluded from utilizing tax benefits because they have no tax liability due to their 501c3 status. Second, nonprofits don’t always have reserves robust enough to pay for capital investments. CollectiveSun solves these with: 1) an innovative community investment model that allows tax benefits to be utilized, thereby reducing the overall cost of the project 2) a proprietary crowdlending campaign methodology and online platform that facilitates loans from community members who are repaid with annual principal and interest payments using the savings from the solar project. Additionally, CollectiveSun’s unique crowdlending campaign differs from donations because it doesn’t require the pastor or nonprofit leader to go to his or her supporters with their hand out asking yet again for another donation. Instead they are able to offer an investment opportunity that facilitates financial and environmental benefits for all involved. With donations a person gives and only receives a write-off, but with a crowdlending investment there’s an ancillary or intrinsic benefit because supporters feel a sense of ownership and pride each and every time they see the solar panels on the roof of the nonprofit they love and support.

CollectiveSun begins our process with a quick phone call to discuss your specific needs.

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We created and run charities in addition to helping them get solar nationwide
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4685 Convoy Street, Suite #210-3, San Diego, CA 92111
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