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ALL KINDS SUPPORT support from planning to commissioning wind power projects.
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Consolidated Energy Consultants Ltd (CECL) is a major wind energy consultant in India providing comprehensive Technical Services exclusively to the emerging field of Renewable Energy Sources with core area being conversion of Wind Energy to produce pollution-free electricity. CECL has been associated with Wind Energy Programme in India from day one.

CECL has been actively associated as a prime wind energy consultant with formulation of policies, implementation of Demonstration Projects, preparation of Master Plans, study of Investment potential etc. for the entire panorama related with Wind Power generation for large size grid connected generators to wind-diesel hybrid system and even smallest stand-alone battery charger.

During over two decades, the CECL has provided various consultancy services for wind energy projects from conceptualization to implementation as also on formulation of strategic plans to over 125 organisations involved in harnessing wind power.

CECL has been associated with formulation and implementation of wind energy projects virtually for all the State Nodal Agencies in the windy states – ANERT Kerala, GEDA Gujarat, KREDL Karnataka, Lakshadweep Administration, MEDA Maharashtra, MPUVN Madhya Pradesh, NEDA Uttar Pradesh, NEDCAP Andhra Pradesh, OREDA Orissa, REDA Rajasthan, TNEB Tamil Nadu and WBREDA West Bengal. On request from MEDA CECL also prepared a strategic plan to promote Wind Power Programme in the state of Maharashtra and made a presentation to Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC).

CECL has published Directories on Indian Wind Power ever since 2001 to 2012 annually which provide comprehensive information at one place, pertaining to wind power in India.

CECL has a strong engineering base of highly experienced engineers and wind energy experts of various disciplines (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical) at various levels. Total experience of engineering staff is more than 400 man-years. Some of the engineers have more than 40 years of experience in their field. In addition to this, total experience of engineers of M.P. Windfarms is more than 250 man-years.

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) has registered CECL as partner of REEEP. CECL has also been registered as a Service Provider for Carbon Finance at the World Bank. CECL is closely associated with COWIconsult, the largest Consultancy Organization in Denmark and is also a member of consortium of consultants approved by European Union.

Besides having internationally acclaimed softwares, CECL has developed on its own a number of softwares to ensure grid compatibility and financial viability.

CECL has now formed a special cell to provide services in new emerging field of Reforms, Regulations and Conservation. A panel of 38 experts in Engineering, Finance and Legal aspects have been constituted. MOU has been signed and a Joint Group has been formed with National Power Training Institute (NPTI) to provide services on Regulation and Reforms. CECL has published journal on orders issued by Electricity Regulatory Commissions.

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In the vast energy sector, electricity constitutes a small fraction. Even in this small area, renewable energy constitutes a much smaller segment. Operating in this limited orbit we do not try to produce large waves but attempt to create ripples which would hopefully reach even the most under-privileged person in the farthest corner. We firmly believe that ultimate relevance of all technological developments lies in bringing about improvement in the quality of life.
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