3Suns Research and Development
1629 Birch Lane NE, Bemidji, MN 56601

3Suns Research and Development

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Technology research and development - both client driven and in-house proprietary
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3Suns Research and Development is wholly owned and operated by David A. Bahr, Ph.D. (engineering physics) at 1629 Birch Lane NE, Bemidji, MN 56601. Its work presently involves partnering with the scientists and engineers needed to bring certain technologies to market, although future work will be carried out primarily by scientists and engineers in-house.

3Suns R&D has laboratory facilities at 1629 Birch Lane NE, Bemidji (500 sq ft), and plans for laboratory space (2500 aq ft) and office space (2500 sq ft) to be located at the corner of 30th Street and Hannah Avenue in Bemidji. An existing building at 15th & Beltrami in Bemidji is being developed into an 8,000 sq ft lab/classroom facility also. At least two rural properties are also available for prototype testing of wind and solar technologies.

3Suns is currently working on in-house projects including a novel small wind turbine suitable for urban use at low airspeed; a novel material heterostructure for higher photovoltaic efficiency at lower cost; several "smart-grid" technologies for a terrorist-proof distributed-source grid; several hydrogen technologies for HAN and LAN implementation; and a novel system for exergy recovery from thermodynamically rejected heat.

3Suns seeks client contracts for the research and development of client-owned technologies. Client technological needs brought to patent application under contract to 3Suns is what we do.

Need a technology developed and prepared fpr patent application? 3Suns does that. Need a wind/PV installation designed for your project? We can do that, too.

Dr. Bahr is chair of the Physics Department at Bemidji State University.

Dedication to Community: 
3Suns is commited to community-based energy. We believe energy is a harvestable export for northwestern Minnesota that could contribute both to regional economic prosperity and to national energy security. 3Suns is currently working to bring two significant energy projects into community ownership (west-Bemidji wind development,and BSU Maple and Oak Hall biomass energy independence).
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David A. Bahr
1629 Birch Lane NE, Bemidji, MN 56601
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