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6110 Golden Hills Dr, Golden Valley, MN 55416

3Rhino Solar Software

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Creating software for solar sales and project management
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3Rhino provides Solar Integrators & Installers with a digital tool that's compatible with their high-tech products. We make your sales staff’s job easier, and your installation staff more effective, and your office staff efficient.

We deliver a wide variety of customized options that are readily scalable and are specifically designed to help solar integrators grow.


Estimate Jobs Quickly and Collaboratively:
3Rhino provides you with customizable estimating and bidding features that can be tailored to your specific project type. Enter the information on-site, and our system will do the number crunching for you, creating a professionally branded estimate in the field that you can send electronically ASAP.

Detailed Proposal Creation:
Create customized, professional proposals in one concise page that contains all the necessary information. Upload utility rate schedules in real-time. Savings estimates to the consumer are accurate for every county in the country.

Lower Customer Acquisition Cost:
3Rhino’s estimating tool can shorten your sales cycle at every step and increase your closing ratios, greatly reducing the soft costs associated with each deal that you close.

Estimate with Inventory Levels in Mind:
In your business every job needs to be an expedited job. Avoid inventory backlogs by creating estimates that only include components that you have in stock.

Your team needs their tools at hand and so do you. 3Rhino gives you an easy to use and comprehensive software package that integrates your sales management, project management, and business management. We can increase your efficiency and profitability, and allow you to expand your business.

Our cloud-based system is entirely mobile, so it’s accessible anytime or anywhere, by anyone of your authorized staff. Desktop, Laptop, iPad, or Smart Phone ~ the information you need is always at your fingertips.


Dedication to Community: 
We are members of NARI Minnesota and were sponsors of the Midwest Solar Expo in May, 2014
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Steven Johnson
6110 Golden Hills Dr, Golden Valley, MN 55416
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