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By Joel Haskard    January 20th, 2017
Although still in the early stages of planning, there is an exciting model brewing to help residents of the Hillcrest Community Cooperative reduce their energy costs and power their manufactured homes with community solar. We spoke first with Timothy DenHerder Thomas, the General Manager of Cooperative Energy Futures, to learn more, and then with Kevin Walker, Director of Business Development with the Northcountry Cooperative Foundation. Why is this partnership meaningful to you?   Timothy DenHerder Thomas: As a co-op that exists to help everyone build community wealth... Continue reading
By Chris Meyer    January 17th, 2017
Electricity at Timm’s Trucking in Morristown is now provided by the company’s new 30.5 kW Solar PV array, locking in today’s energy costs for years to come. Business owner Randy Timm described the double benefit of installing a renewable energy system that was “not only good for the environment, but saved money on my electric bills and improved my bottom line.” “I’d been looking at different ways to save money on some of our utility bills and solar seemed like a natural option,” said Timm, who knew there was money to be saved on this deal. “It just made... Continue reading
By Joel Haskard    January 13th, 2017
St. Cloud is one of eight communities in Minnesota recently recognized at the 2016 Clean Energy Community Awards sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. The awards recognized communities that contribute to the state’s clean energy goals by planning and implementing programs, policies, and technologies that encourage energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy generation. We spoke with Patrick Shea, St. Cloud’s Public Services Director, to learn more. There seem to be a lot of exciting clean energy projects happening in St. Cloud. How did the city come up with its... Continue reading
By MN Dept. of Commerce    January 12th, 2017
Applications for the fourth year of the Made in Minnesota Solar Incentive Program will be accepted beginning on Jan. 1, 2017, and ending Feb. 28, 2017. The 10-year, $150-million program helps fund new solar electric and solar thermal systems for Minnesota residents, businesses, and communities. The program is administered by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. In its first three years, the Made in Minnesota solar initiative has catalyzed the state’s rooftop solar market and helped put Minnesota on track to meet its renewable electricity and solar electricity goals. The program has... Continue reading
By Sophie Lutz    January 11th, 2017
The Groom Room dog boarding and grooming in Hawley, MN is one example of a small business reaping the benefits of renewable energy. Inspired by another local business, owner Jane Anderson recently installed 72 solar panels to cover her electricity needs. For Anderson, the switch to solar will help her invest in her business: “If I save money on my electric bill, the fun thing is that I can put it back into my business and upgrade things,” she said. Since she’s locking in her energy costs for the next 25 years, Anderson is also excited to do away with her utility bill once the system... Continue reading
By Sophie Lutz    January 11th, 2017
St. Olaf College, located in southeast Minnesota, is taking energy matters into their own hands and making the leap toward 100% renewable energy. This great feat has taken commendable initiative in order to completely relinquish dependence on non-renewable electricity sources. According to Pete Sandberg, St. Olaf Assistant Vice President for Facilities, “The role we’re playing in bringing more renewable energy resources online is something we can all be proud of.” Accompanying the wind turbine located on campus, the school of about 3,000 students has allocated acreage of... Continue reading

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